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No More Dirty Wash Cup


The Clean Cup is a battery operated, table top unit that will replace the nasty and highly ineffective “wash cup” that is so commonly used in today’s beer pong play. Players have built custom ball washers into their home tables, but never before has playing with Clean Balls anywhere been an option.

How The Clean Cup Works

Drop your dirty ball into the top of The Clean Cup just like you would with the old wash cup.

Give the button a quick push and watch as your balls are automatically rinsed.

Within seconds your ball is rinsed and returned, floating on air waiting for your next shot.


One-Button Function

Clean balls with the push of one button. Who hasn’t dreamed of that? Within 5 Seconds your balls are rinsed and returned, ready for your next shot.

Portable Power

Clean Balls any where you play? Yes please. Powered by 4 AA Batteries The Clean Cup is ready for any tail gate, frat party, or intense family throw down!


No one likes hairs or chunked up nasties on your balls. Just slip the filter in before play and give it a quick rinse when the nights over to make sure those nasties stay off your balls all night long.

What People Are Saying

The Clean Cup, which is something I could’ve used in college, (and even now since I occasionally play).

Greg Alston, @GearDairySite

This is by far, one of my favorite kickstarters and I’m glad I backed this one. Best. Product. Ever. I mean, who wouldn’t want clean balls?

Jeremey Zamecnik

When you’re playing beer pong, and don’t pretend you haven’t, dirty ping pong balls are often a problem.

LA Times, @LATimes

The Clean Cup comes with a removable and reusable filter, so you’ll never have to deal with dirt, hair or half-eaten Doritos in your beer pong cups again. .

The Drink Business, @TeamDB

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