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Here at House Rules we are constantly talking about Balls...Beer pong balls. While we are already some hairy dudes we are fully behind the cause of Movember.

A HUGE Thank You!

Well, Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, The Clean Cup was unsuccessfully funded through our Kickstarter campaign. But...Not to worry! This is only the start. We were able to raise over $8,500 with just 96 Backers!!! YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!! We were featured in over 26 articles and write ups! None of this would have been possible without your help.

KS Update: WOW. What a WEEK!

First off, another HUGE thank you is in order for all of you!!! It has been 12 days since our last update and Sooooo many amazing things have been happening, non without all of your support and help spreading our word. Clean Balls For All! Within the past few days we...

Ode To Cup Some Behind the Scenes look at what it took to make The Clean Cup Kickstarter video and some of our Promos videos. The Clean Cup - the world's first portable and automatic beer pong ball washer. It was been a long road and a...


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KS Update: $2600 and Counting

THANK YOU!!!! With just over 24 Hours down we're moving right along! Over 6% of our goal has been raised and it has been all because of you guys!! Amazing friends and family I cannot put into words how much this means to me! Yesterday was a mix of excitement, panic,...

The Clean Cup – Kickstarter

Are dirty balls running rampant at your parties? Do you want to stop this growing epidemic? Keep ‘em clean where it counts. Introducing The Clean Cup. Innovative product design company House Rules is making sure that dirty balls will never ruin a ruin a game of beer...

Balls So Clean… If you want to have balls clean enough to eat you should get The Clean Cup; the worlds first automatic and portable beer pong ball washer. Follow House Rules and The Clean Cup on:  Facebook Twitter...

Introducing The Clean Cup

Have ever been to a party and no one wanted to play with your dirty balls? Well, we know the feeling and that's why we invented The Clean Cup - the world's first portable and automatic beer pong ball washer.