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Introducing The Clean Cup - House Rules
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Have ever been to a party and no one wanted to play with your dirty balls? Well, we know the feeling and that’s why we invented The Clean Cup – the world’s first portable and automatic beer pong ball washer. Simply slide the filter into position, fill up the tank, and snap down the top. You then use The Clean Cup just like the regular wash cup. At any point during the game when you find yourself needing a quick rinse, insert a dirty ball into the top of The Clean Cup and push the button. The Clean Cup then begins it’s automatic wash cycle. Using a combination of a high pressure stream of water and bursts of air to ensure full cleaning coverage, the ball is then returned to the user, “floating” on a stream of air as if it was sitting in the regular wash cup. The entire cycle lasts only five seconds, perfect to get a good rinse in before your next turn.

Automatic Beer Pong Ball Washer - The Clean Cup


The Clean Cup’s automatic wash cycle can be started with the press of one button. All you do is drop the ball into The Clean Cup, press the button conveniently located on the top of the unit, and within 5 seconds your ball is back rinsed and ready to go.