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What To Know

Embargo Date
March 18, 2015

Kickstarter URL
To Be Released Soon

Kickstarter Goal

Delivery Goal (home delivery of The Clean Cup):
3Q 2015

Twitter: @HouseRulesllc
Facebook: /houserulesllc

What exactly is The Clean Cup™?

The Clean Cup™ by House Rules is the world’s first portable beer pong ball washer.  It is a portable, battery-operated, completely self-contained unit that replaces the common dirty wash cup and adds a 21st century touch to a timeless game.  To use, simply drop your dirty beer pong ball in the top of the unit and push the button. In less than five seconds you will have a freshly rinsed ball floating on air, ready to get back into the game. Using our proprietary design, we ensure you never play with dirty beer pong balls again.  The Clean Cup™ is a fun tech product for the beer drinking or game playing enthusiast.

Current Problems in Today’s Beer Pong

1) Beer pong is played in some NOT so clean places.

We’ve all been there. Having a good time at a house party, someone calls your name and you find out the beer pong table is out the filthy garage. Or maybe the greasy basement of your frat house? We’ve all gone through the same thing. The Battle. Loving the game, but not always the choice of playing grounds. The tables are turning…

2) The Dirty Wash Cup.

We’ve all seen it. Hairs floating on top, dirt collecting at the bottom. You dunk the ball, the hairs float on top and stick to the ball on the way out. No one wants that. And you especially don’t need anyone accidently drinking the brown tinted wash cup at the end of the night!

3) Water Pong?!?

“Why don’t you play with water in the cups?”  Beer pong is built on values of tradition and intense competition. We want you to play beer pong the way it was meant to be played. Cold beer in your cups, and clean balls in your hands.

Our Mission

As a product, The Clean Cup™ will improve player experience by cleaning up the game of beer pong in a portable and easy way.  We want to improve the experience of a game that we believe to already be a ton of fun. Beer pong is not just a “college” game any more.  It is used as a means to enhance social gatherings, and as a way to test one another and fulfil the human need for competitive play. The Clean Cup™ adds to the experience of this classic game and allows everyone to play with clean balls.

As a company, House Rules promises to always create products that are on the forefront of party innovation.  Getting The Clean Cup™ to our consumers is just the first step in our plan. We have a ton of great ideas that we want to bring to market.  These range from custom sticker packs that really make The Clean Cup™ yours to new beer pong and other drinking game accessories that will help improve your party game. The Clean Cup™ is just the beginning, Help us get the ball rolling!!

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a great platform for The Clean Cup™ for two reasons. First, we wanted to get The Clean Cup™ in the hands of passionate ‘beer techies’ and party people who really appreciate their gadgets. Before we scale up our product to a wider audience we want to get it to people that really hate dirty balls. Kickstarter allows us to crowdsource and reach consumers in a natural way. Consumers that are found through a joint passion and love for partying, gadgets, and beer pong.

Second, we have been able to develop The Clean Cup™ all by ourselves, but we want to share this experience with other passionate people to help us spread the word and become involved with the The Clean Cup™ and its’ future. We feel that Kickstarter is an amazing platform for creative, like minded people to really share their ideas and support each other in an effort to create new and amazing things.

The Product

The Clean Cup™ is the first product of its kind. An engineering feat. A standalone beer pong ball washing unit that is battery operated. With its’ one button function it is simple to use. It is portable and ready to go anywhere the game takes you: a friend’s house, your Sunday morning tailgate party, and maybe even that boring family reunion that needs a little spice up.

With our patented design and rinse cycle, The Clean Cup™ not only looks like it is made to be on the beer pong table, but is a ton of fun to use and no one can deny playing with clean balls.

What Comes in the Box:

The Clean Cup™

2 Clean Cup beer pong balls

1 Filter to make sure those nasties stay off your balls.

The satisfaction that you now play with Clean Balls.

The ability to now use a “Dirty Ball Joke” at any moment.

The Origin of Clean Balls (History and Development)

In 2007, Tyler Dobush was completing his engineering degree and created the first prototype of The Clean Cup™ as a college project. The Clean Cup™ 1.0 was born as a hair dryer, PVC pipe and simple circuit board.  It was only a proof of concept, but the foundation to something great had been laid.

Flash forward to 2013, Tyler came back to the idea of The Clean Cup™. He saw an opportunity to make a fun product for the beer pong market and fulfill his dream of becoming a professional inventor. After almost two full years of developement filled with many revisions, leaky tanks, fans, ping pong balls, and prototypes, the design is finalized and ready to roll.  Now House Rules is looking to make The Clean Cup™ a dream come true.  Clean Balls For All.

Who is House Rules?

House Rules is social gaming design company focused on creating state-of-the-art and innovative ways to step up your party game and enhance your recreational lifestyle. Here at House Rules we love to build, to tinker, to see how far we can push the envelope and exactly how big “outside the box” really can be.  More importantly we love a good party and adding to the fun!  We are extremely excited to share with you our flagship product The Clean Cup™.

Meet The Team

Founder/Inventor/Promoter: Tyler Dobush – By day works for a well drilling and hydraulic tool design company, but by night is a idea generator, gadget tinkerer, and can be found at the shop on any given day of the week.  He loves to put his engineering skills to good use, designing new ways to step up the party.  The Clean Cup™ is just one of the many ideas that he has designed and patented with more on the way!

Visuals: Zach Hallum – Brought on to make the image of The Clean Cup™ stand out and have a visual voice. Photography, packaging and typefaces are his everyday grind to make The Clean Cup™ look as good as it does.

Quotes to Use

  • “There was a time when you played beer pong with beer in the cups… Now it’s always filled with water. I think for every party I’ve been to in college someone accidentally drinks the horrible wash cup on accident cause it turned the color of the beer!” -Brenden Avid Beer Pong Player
  • “Its portability is what is said to set this cup apart from any home-made cleaning device, as its lightweight and party-friendly design makes it a great addition to any frat-style shindig.” -Neal Baker of The Drink Business
  • “Sure there’s the wash cup (a cup of water you rinse the balls in before playing each turn), but what good does that do if they’re all going into the same wash cup, especially after your ball ricochets into a pile of dirt or rolls onto someone’s bathroom floor?” -Jenn Harris of LA Times
  • “I haven’t seen a product quite like this one before.” -Robert Sorokanich of Gizmodo