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The Clean Cup - Kickstarter - House Rules
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No More Dirty balls - The Clean Cup

Are dirty balls running rampant at your parties? Do you want to stop this growing epidemic? Keep ‘em clean where it counts. Introducing The Clean Cup. Innovative product design company House Rules is making sure that dirty balls will never ruin a ruin a game of beer pong ever again.

Today House Rules is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund The Clean Cup, the world’s first portable and beer pong ball washer. Made by beer pong players for beer pong players, creator Tyler Dobush saw an issue with the current “wash cup”.

“It’s inevitable. You’re playing beer pong and the ball goes on the floor. After a few rinses you’ve got hairs and a bunch of other nasties in your wash cup. Regardless of how many games deep into the night you are, it’s still gross to be using the stagnant water over and over again.”

Enter The Clean Cup. With a reservoir and a reusable removable filter, House Rules ensures your balls will always be clean. Pop the ball into The Clean Cup, press the button, and the automatic wash cycle will rinse and return your ball in 5 seconds. Perfect to get a rinse in before your next shot.

“When I set out to build The Clean Cup I didn’t want a product that would only last a couple of parties or a few beer pong tournaments. Using my engineering background I’ve developed a product that has been designed with the game in mind. A product that will enhance everyone’s experience and bring a new angle to playing the game.”

What started as an engineering project in college, is now on its 4th iteration and  ready to bring clean balls to all! Head over to our Kickstarter page to see how you can get your hands on one of the first Clean Cups and some other awesome rewards all while helping support a small “party product” startup get on its feet in full sprint!